Thursday, March 30, 2006


Scalia: "Vaffanculo"

I think it's worth pointing out that "vaffanculo" is a bit stronger than "fuck you". If I was translating it for the Boston Herald, I would have translated it as "go fuck yourself up the ass." Va = go, culo = ass. I forget what the "ffanc" is a contraction of, but presumably it means "fuck yourself" or something along those lines.

Vaffanculo is one of the choicest Italian epithets, and in my experience is generally reserved for special occasions.

To wit: when I was in Italy, I and another American friend took three Italians out for a night of bar-hopping in the countryside, and at 4 AM, when we were about an hour from home, the car blew a hose. My friend Alessandra had to go to a nearby house and call her mom to come pick us up.

She showed up driving an old Fiat 500, which is one of the smallest cars ever produced, we all piled in while she swore and spit at us, and then she tore off down the road with her carload of six, weaving drunkenly while screaming and swearing at her daughter.

I remember her calling Alessandra an asshole and a whore, and when we finally pulled into their town, Alessandra jumped out of the car, dropped the V-bomb on her mom, and stormed off down the strada.

Ah, Italy.


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